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inquiry goes unanswered

The Impact of Unanswered Inquiries: A Warning

We all know what it’s like to reach out to someone and not get a response.

Because of the volume of communications in school districts, it’s easy to miss a message. Voicemail passwords get forgotten, sticky-note messages get lost, or emails to general inboxes get overlooked.

But what happens when a message goes unanswered? What impacts could it have on a school district? The infographic below explores those possibilities.


Design by Claudia Mora

With cell phones and social media, communication is now 24/7. Not only does that mean that community members have a number of ways to connect with a school district—and share their experiences with others—it also means school and district leaders must monitor more channels than ever before.

Let’s Talk! helps quiet the chatter, funneling all communications channels into one, easy-to-use place where district and school leaders can respond, track, and analyze trends. They can see every conversation; collaborate to provide stronger, more timely responses; and use data to make more informed decisions on behalf of students and families. Community members can even rate their experience, helping the district work smarter—not harder—and make every interaction a learning opportunity.

This online engagement solution helps school leaders focus their efforts, build strong relationships, and improve customer service—turning parents with concerns into strong district advocates.

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