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Stay Safe and Connected in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey

All of us at K12 Insight are thinking of you and all of our central Texas and Houston-area family as we watch the developments of Hurricane Harvey. We put our heads together today to think about how we can support those affected during this chaotic time.

Times like these can feel very unpredictable for families. Being able to get answers and connect with someone is key to addressing that anxiety.

If your school or district uses Let’s Talk!, we recommend making sure families know how they can reach you with questions and concerns by:

1. Adding a Hurricane Harvey interest area like this one to Let’s Talk! to serve as a repository for inbound communication. We recommend updating the introduction message on that landing page to include important information.

2. Sending a campaign like this one (featured below) to all of your families, directing them to this interest area on Let’s Talk!. In addition to this campaign, we recommend social media posts directing all questions to this interest area.

3. Set a critical alert in your account for any incoming dialogues that include words such as Harvey, hurricane, storm, flood and emergency.

4. Create a response template for this topic so that you can respond to dialogues as quickly as possible.

We’re standing by to offer any support you need in order to execute the recommendations above. Please email me  at smcintosh@k12insight.com if you need help. And stay safe.

Hurricane Harvey