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Welcome Spring with New Features in Engage

As this school year officially closes out,  we’re looking to enhance your school survey projects with new Engage features aimed at getting your participants to the finish line.

Give it a thumbs up

Thumbs up and thumbs down are the universal symbols for yes or no, good or bad, like or dislike. Our new survey question type allows you to include simple and recognizable thumbs up and thumbs down symbols to gauge approval or disapproval. It’s easy to understand, and even quicker to setup! Try it out on Engage the next time you have a yes/no question.

Dynamic reports, customizable links

Engage reports are dynamic, which means you can share them with key stakeholders and allow them to monitor key data in real-time as your survey collects responses. Now, you can easily generate url links for the convenience of sharing out the story the data tells.

reports links

Improved survey protection

If you’ve been using Engage for large, district-wide surveys, you might have used our password- required surveys to ensure data integrity and security. Now, we’re making it even easier to protect your surveys: 

  1. Generate QR codes for this survey type, so anyone can scan the QR code, type in their respective key, and take the survey. 
  2. Filter for ‘unopened’ passwords or keys to see who has/hasn’t completed the survey yet.

qr code passwords

Look for the new version of Engage on June 2020!