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Turning Texts into Valuable Feedback: Leveraging Messaging for Insight

We built Let’s Talk! with one mission in mind: To improve the school customer experience by streamlining communications and empowering school leaders and staff to better respond to community concerns.

While we’ve seen districts across the country use our solution to transform how—and how well—they communicate with students, parents, and staff, we also know that the easiest way to connect with community members is by meeting them where they are.

That’s why we’re excited to roll out a new feature—inspired by your feedback—that will make it easier for community members to submit dialogues by doing something they do everyday: Texting.

Worldwide, 16 million text messages are sent every minute according to Forbes

It’s a huge number. But it shouldn’t be shocking when we think about how easily texting allows us to send important messages.

Starting this summer, students, parents, and staff will be able to text their questions, concerns, or comments to a number provided by Let’s Talk!. The system then instantly turns that message into a dialogue. 

On the backend, your team can manage and track the message just as they would with any other Let’s Talk! submission. When your team responds, that message is delivered to the community member’s phone as a text message.

While emails and forms can help gather more in-depth information, the convenience of simply sending a text empowers community members to quickly report issues and flag potential crises. The new Let’s Talk! text feature also encourages feedback from community members who are traditionally harder to connect with—like students and families who don’t have regular access to a computer or the internet. 

More access. More convenience. More vital feedback. That’s what Let’s Talk! is all about.

Look for the new text messaging feature this July. 

If you already have Let’s Talk! and want to learn more about upcoming features, reach out to your Strategic Account Executive. If you want to know more about how Let’s Talk! can help your district streamline communication and improve customer service in you’re district, sign up for a free demo.