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K12 Insight Expands to College Partnerships

When people think about education, they think teaching and learning.

While teaching and learning is critical, a quality educational experience extends beyond academics. Culture and climate—how students, parents, and teachers feel about their schools—is just as impactful as what’s taught in the classroom. An intentional focus on the school customer experience determines the success of schools and, ultimately, their students.  

That has been the driving force behind the work that we do at K12 Insight. Through strong partnerships with nearly 450 institutions nationwide, we’ve helped more than 30,000 school leaders turn everyday interactions into exceptional experiences. That’s helped them build trust with over 4 million students, parents, and staff. 

But a student’s education doesn’t stop after high school graduation—and our endeavors to support and inspire the next generation can’t either. 

That’s why after 12 years of focusing on K-12 education, K12 Insight is officially going to college! 

What that means for us

We’re still deeply rooted in and committed to improving the K-12 customer experience. That doesn’t change. 

We’ve helped school districts increase student safety, stay in front of the competition, improve employee morale, and reverse declining enrollment—experience and expertise we’ve begun to leverage in partnerships with colleges and universities over the past year. 

Now, we’re looking to expand our work in higher education to continue improving the college customer experience. 

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Let’s Talk! for College

One way we’re supporting colleges and universities is with Let’s Talk!, the only customer experience solution focused exclusively on the education market (and winner of the 2019 CODiE Award for Best Collaborative Community Solution for Educators). This cloud-based solution is “always-on,” providing leaders with a full picture of the customer experience by helping to:

  • Reach community members where they already are by giving them a clear, easy way to engage with you from any computer, tablet, or smartphone (think pop-out tabs, landing pages, mobile apps, and texting)
  • Streamline and consolidate customer interactions by gathering information from multiple sources, including email, phone, social media, and in-person conversations
  • Break down silos and drive internal efficiencies by collaborating within and across teams to deliver timely responses that are complete, accurate, and courteous
  • Measure and manage the customer experience by accessing key metrics and tracking trends using a real-time dashboard or by downloading presentation-ready reports

Tulane University’s Campus Services team uses Let’s Talk! to track interactions with students, faculty, and staff to see trends over time and solve small problems before they become big crises. After using Let’s Talk! for a year, the team ensures inquiries are addressed within three business hours and achieves an average customer experience score of 9.2 out of 10. 

As Kelly Venable Carroll, assistant vice president of Campus Services, describes it: “With Let’s Talk!, we get real-time data and can speak with authority about what we’re hearing from our community. That helps us allocate or reallocate resources, drive efficiencies, and provide better customer service to our community.”

This fall, Tulane University will expand Let’s Talk! to its Human Resources team to improve staff engagement and use several third-party system integrations to consolidate customer service metrics in one master dashboard. 

As we continue this great work at Tulane and other higher education institutions, we hope to provide even more students, families, employees, and community members with a better college and university customer experience. 

Want to learn more about how our experience in K-12 and higher ed can help improve the college customer experience? Sign up for a free consult.