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K-12 Customer Experience Report

Introducing the Inaugural State of K-12 Customer Experience Report

As I criss-cross the country working with K-12 school districts, education leaders continue to echo a similar sentiment: providing a strong customer experience, in addition to great teaching and learning, is a top priority.

But as an education researcher, I know that anecdotes don’t amount to trends. 

That’s why I’m thrilled to tell you about the work the team at K12 Insight has embarked on this summer.

This week, I provided school leaders at the National School Public Relations Association National Seminar in Washington. D.C., with an exclusive first look at our new State of K-12 Customer Experience Report

If the reaction from the NSPRA crowd was any indication, this research is going to be a game-changer for K-12 school leaders across the country.

While the full report won’t be released until September, the first look, which you can download using the link above, provides an overview of our research, featuring responses from more than 500 district and school leaders, with some initial findings and recommendations.

Did you know, for example, that while 90% of school leaders prioritize building trust in their school districts, just 52% are very confident in their ability to meet this goal? 

For more on our initial findings listen to our short podcast:

Produced with support from NSPRA, the national State of K-12 Customer Experience Report includes key insights into the different roles that administrators, teachers, and staff play in building trust, defines customer service in the context of K-12 education, and demonstrates how a commitment to customer service can help school leaders address critical challenges, from declining enrollment to safety and security to teacher and staff retention.

There’s plenty of research out there about critical K-12 issues like teaching and learning, curriculum, even safety–but this is the first nationwide study on the vital role that customer experience and community engagement play in school success. 

Along with the initial preview, we’ll be sharing key findings from our research throughout the summer, culminating in the release of the full State of K-12 Customer Experience Report in September. Signing up now gets you instant access to the preview, regular research updates from our team, as well as access to the full report once its released.

Get the preview 

I hope you find these insights valuable. If you want to better understand our findings and how they relate to your school or district’s customer experience strategy, I’d love to chat. Simply send me a message at shelby.mcintosh@k12insight.com to connect and we can talk it out.