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A fresh look for school district

Fresh Perspectives on School District Research

Our world runs on data.

From government monetary policies to corporate hiring strategies to seemingly insignificant choices, like where to eat–nearly every decision in our lives is informed by data.

The same is true for the decisions we make in our schools. From testing to budgets, you use the best information you have to chart a path for school and student success.   

Asking the right questions

At K12 Insight, we partner with school leaders to help factor community feedback, such as student, parent, and staff concerns, into those data-based decisions.

Our Engage survey solution helps school leaders gather important information from students, parents, and staff. School leaders can either use our field-tested bank of surveys to build their own, or partner with our team of education researchers to conduct a fully managed project.

Either way, the secret to great community feedback hinges on a single necessity: asking the right questions.

A better survey bank

The best school surveys work because they pose the right questions, at the right times, to the right people. To help school leaders learn more from their next survey, our research team recently overhauled our entire library of K-12 school surveys. From school climate and quality to social-emotional learning to special education to technology, every survey has been re-evaluated for timeliness, relevance, and quality.

Our team of Ph.D. researchers scrutinized survey dimensions, units of analysis, consistency, and overall readability.

Read more about our process for analyzing and updating our survey bank here. 

The result?

A fresh new bank of 52 ready-to-use surveys across 16 categories, including family involvement and engagement, equity, human resources, market share, safety and wellness, school climate, and more.

Four of the surveys include national benchmark studies against which school districts can compare their performance. The other 48 are ready-to-use surveys on varying topics, including strategic planning, uniform policy, and health and wellness, that districts can use “as is” or customize.  

We’re confident that our new-look survey bank will help your school or district engage the members of its community.

Want to learn how our Engage survey solution can help you engage with students, parents, and community members? Sign up for a free demo and consult here or contact your strategic account executive.