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Convenient School Surveys: Streamlining the Research Process

In today’s world of lightning-quick communication and overly abundant data, we expect every online interaction to have one key ingredient: convenience.

Whether it’s ordering a ride on a smartphone, looking up the answer to an obscure question, even performing important banking transactions, the aim of every app or online service is to make everything we do faster, easier, and more accurate.

School surveys are no different. 

Our Engage survey solution was built with convenience in mind–for both the staff members administering the research and the community members taking the survey. But, our latest Engage release includes three key features that take convenience to a whole new level. 

Text Analysis

You want to give your community members a clear voice and hear their opinions on key issues. But reading through every open-ended survey response requires time and resources.

Backed by Google’s Natural Language program, Engage’s Text Analysis report can take any open-ended survey response and detect key sentiment data. 

With Text Analysis, you can effortlessly: 

  • Extract trends that matter. The report will automatically detect and categorize responses by key topics. 
  • Instantly understand the overall opinion, feeling, or attitude expressed in a block of text.

Accident Prevention

It’s the little details that matter–and the new Engage release focuses on essential feature updates that keep your survey in tip-top shape. 

  • Translation identifier. Translated surveys are a must in districts that have multilingual families, but when making a series of small edits, it can be hard to ensure the appropriate updates are made to the translated surveys as well. The new translation tab will help you identify which languages are ready to go, and which ones still need attention, so you never send inaccurate surveys. 


  • Reach out to the right person. All surveys made within your account will automatically populate your account’s email address on the Thank You message at the end of a survey. Now, your participants will know exactly who to reach out to if they need a helping hand. 
  • Advanced logic alert. We take pride in Engage’s sophisticated logic that ensures participants only receive questions that pertain to them. Engage now alerts users when questions are tied to advanced features, so you don’t accidentally undo the logic that’s already been applied. 

ADA Compliance Template

This new release of Engage offers a special ADA Compliance Template under the Visual Settings of any survey. Use this template to make it easier for you to ensure your survey is fully ADA Compliant. 


Ready to make your school surveys more convenient? Look for the new Engage features on Friday, February 21!