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schools celebrate technology during computer science education week

CS Ed Week: Schools Embrace Coding Celebration with Tech

It’s Computer Science Education Week 2017.

In classrooms across the country, teachers are leading students in lessons on STEM, coding, and robotics. And school leaders are hosting pep rallies and assemblies celebrating the possibilities offered by computer science.

It’s all part of the “Hour of Code” movement, an international campaign to get more students more experience with computer coding and engineering.

As technology continues to transform nearly every industry in America, the jobs of the future will be highly reliant on programming expertise. With this in mind, tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon, along with non-profits such as the Boys and Girls Club of America, sponsor the Hour of Code to build students’ excitement and experience in technical career fields.

If you’ve been following along on social media, you know it’s already been a busy and exciting week for student technology enthusiasts.

Our editors have been following along as well. Here’s a few of our favorite social media posts from this year’s Computer Science Education Week.

Student becomes teacher at Highline Public Schools

While teachers across the country are leading classes on coding this week, at Highline Public Schools in Washington, at least one student led his own lesson on coding.

Dr. Susan Enfield, superintendent at Highline, shared a Twitter video of her being taught by a Mount View Elementary School fifth grader named Andy. Andy walks Dr. Enfield through the process of building and coding a traffic light.

Enfield says Highline participates in the Hour of Code to inspire students like Andy to learn more about coding and the computer science field:

“So, we’ve been doing “Hour of Code” in Highline for a few years now. And, why we think it’s so important is it can really spark an interest in our students to get them excited about coding and to get them thinking about careers in the computer science field that perhaps they haven’t envisioned before.”


Celebrating CS at Union County Public Schools

Students from all grade levels took part in coding activities at Union County Public Schools (UCPS) in North Carolina.



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But it wasn’t all work for UCPS students. Staff and administrators held a STEAM-oriented assembly that ended in district superintendent Andrew Houlihan spraying silly string on at least two teachers. We’re not exactly sure the reason behind the silly string attack, but it definitely had students excited!



Coding with the community at Seguin Independent School District

At Seguin ISD in Texas, school leaders and students invited community leaders to be part of their Computer Science Education Week activities.

At Weinert Elementary, members of the local school board participated in coding lessons alongside students. A group of middle schoolers coded alongside leadership from the local police department.

The idea was to make coding a community-wide initiative and to ensure that students and community members alike recognize the power of coding and computer science in their lives.



Is your school or district celebrating Computer Science Education Week? How are other school systems making computer science a priority in their communities? Tell us in the comments.