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National report uncovers gaps in parent-district communications
K12 Insight’s latest customer service report finds the families who need the most support are disproportionately left out of teacher- or school-ini...
Blog 3 mins
The 4 phases in the journey of improving school customer service
How to develop a customer-centric district culture Customer service isn’t a switch districts can turn “on” or “off.” It’s a comprehensive culture ...
Blog 3 mins
The 3 pillars of customer service in schools
The phases of customer service are defined by three pillars: processes and workflows, use customer intelligence and technology, and district cultur...
Blog 2 mins
How (and why) to adopt a customer service culture in your school district
Adopting a customer service mindset — and backing it up with a functional customer service and intelligence platform — will build trust capital, im...
Blog 3 mins
3 ways customer service is affecting your school district
Customer service is helping school districts nationwide build trust and create positive experiences that lead to satisfied families and increased e...
Blog 3 mins
4 questions to ask about your district's customer service
Building a culture of customer service in your district is key to increasing parent satisfaction and keeping families enrolled. Here are four quest...
Blog 3 minutes
Your next strategic plan will be your best yet: A how-to guide for district leaders
Seemingly unrelated issues in your district are likely connected by one common thread: poor customer service. Here’s exactly how to fix it in your ...
Family of three looking at a laptop
4 school districts that go above and beyond to deliver superior customer service
Learn inspirational lessons from school districts that have customer service at the forefront of everything they do.
improving districts customer service
4 key insights for improving your district’s customer service
Gain a better understanding of how families experience interactions with their district and discover strategies for helping your families find info...
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