Video: How to promote efficient school board communications through a streamlined inbox

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School board members receive a variety of inquiries each day, flooding their inboxes with messages that could be routed elsewhere. 

Without a customer service strategy or the right communications workflows in place, it becomes challenging for board members to track requests, manage feedback, and effectively respond to stakeholder questions and concerns.  

For Germantown Municipal School District, Let’s Talk! made it easier for their communications team to support the school board by routing inquiries to the right person. After implementing Let’s Talk!, school board members noticed a sharp decrease in the amount of emails escalated to their level. The unified inbox has made it easy to satisfy the needs of stakeholders, which has been invaluable for the district.

Watch this two-minute video to learn how a streamlined communication strategy can help simplify communications and effectively manage inquiries for your school board. 

Ready to start using Let’s Talk! to improve communication with families in your district? Request a consultation today.

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Sarah Maston
Sarah Maston is a regional account director at K12 Insight. She has experience in academic program management, district partnerships, online and blended learning, and client services. She is completing a Master of Business Administration from Louisiana State University-Shreveport and has a bachelor’s degree in business marketing management from Western Governors University.

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