Video: How to attract and retain families through superior customer service

Parents have high expectations for customer service — and a lot of other options if those expectations aren’t met. For Public Information Officer Krista Stockman, customer service is critical to the success of Fort Wayne Community Schools.

“The customer service we offer makes parents feel more committed to us. They recognize that we care about their concerns,” Stockman said in a recent webinar.

Listening and providing superior experiences for families can often keep parents from pursuing alternative options — like virtual, charter, or private schools.

Watch this two-minute video to learn how making customer service a priority can make a positive impact in your school district:  

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Sarah Maston
Sarah Maston is a regional account director at K12 Insight. She has experience in academic program management, district partnerships, online and blended learning, and client services. She is completing a Master of Business Administration from Louisiana State University-Shreveport and has a bachelor’s degree in business marketing management from Western Governors University.

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