Infographic: How one missed inquiry can become an all-out PR crisis

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We all know what it’s like to reach out to someone and not get a response.

We also know how easy it is to lose track of a message—especially in the workplace. Voicemail passwords get forgotten, sticky-note messages get lost, or emails to general inboxes get overlooked.

School districts are no different. Because of the sheer volume of communications that pass through schools every day, it’s easy to miss something–especially now, in the first days and weeks of a new school year.

But in this new education landscape, reputation is everything. And social media only amplifies how fast controversy can spread.

K12 Insight (which produces TrustED) recently released an infographic that illustrates just how easily a missed inquiry can turn into a PR fire drill. As you continue to cultivate your district’s brand, the infographic is a good reminder of how important responsiveness is to schools.

Inquiry Goes Unanswered

Design by Claudia Mora

What do you think of this infographic? Has your school or district ever experienced a similar crisis? Tell us in the comments.

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Kyle Freelander
Kyle Freelander is the Director of Marketing Communications at K12 Insight.

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  1. Even if you answered all questions and kissed all babies, Jimmy’s mom will still be out there spreading mis-informed information about your school. It is what it is.

    This is why educator Twitter accounts exist. They prove that the school is a wonderful place and all is well.

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