How Let’s Talk! can help you engage your district community and build trust

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In the Amazon era, service and convenience are high priorities for stakeholders. This priority extends to schools, as well. A quick turnaround time for inquiries is a must, and chatbots and answers to frequently asked questions are expected. 

Some districts are already offering these services, but certain factors are still blocking some families from equitable access. Language barriers, a lack of internet connection, and minimal training on new communications systems top the list. 

English Language Learners make up about 20% of the student population in Texas, California, and New Mexico, and the number is growing in other states across the nation. Offering English-only services is no longer viable for school districts, and technology tools that provide automatic translation can make a huge difference for your community. 

For households without internet service – estimated at nearly 30 million in the United States – communications tools with mobile apps or texting features can be life-changing. Getting information about a student’s schedule, academic needs, or financial requirements shouldn’t be difficult, but barriers to communication stop too many parents from keeping up with their children’s educational needs.        

Tools like K12 Insight’s Let’s Talk! have all these features and more — allowing more families than ever access to communication efforts. Let’s Talk! is the only customer intelligence tool purpose-built for education, offering a streamlined communications platform with a unified inbox that accepts emails, phone calls, texts, app messages, and more.  

Parents who wouldn’t normally attend a board meeting due to scheduling or language hurdles can send in a text message with their thoughts about a major district issue. Multilingual families can have their questions automatically translated without waiting for a dedicated translator — something that often isn’t possible through face-to-face communications in many districts with limited bilingual staff. 

By opening your district’s inbox to the entire school community, trust begins to develop — leading to better experiences and better education for everyone.

Get your district started today through a free demo of Let’s Talk!    

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Joe Douglass
Joe Douglass is a regional account director at K12 Insight. He brings a decade of experience in the education technology industry, working to help districts use technology to build into the 21st century.

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