How equitable communications increases access to support and services


Every family has unique communications needs. While technology has helped increase access to support and services, some families still face barriers to accessing the services they need.

Our latest infographic shares what district leaders need to know about providing increased access to essential services through equitable communications. 

For additional ideas on creating equitable communications in your school district, check out our tip sheet that shares ways you can accommodate the diverse ways families get information.

Learn how you can provide accessible communications and equitable services in your district. Schedule a free demo of Let’s Talk! today.

About the Author

Casey Sharperson
Casey Sharperson is a client success manager at K12 Insight. Prior to K12 Insight, she served elementary and middle schools leading curriculum and instruction initiatives for summer reading enrichment programs before transitioning into higher education. There, she leveraged technology for student success while leading customer service initiatives. Casey earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing from Claflin University.

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