How California school districts can use Let’s Talk to adjust to later start times

While students are pressing the snooze button a bit longer than in years past, district leaders in California are facing new challenges as they navigate a new law that delays start times for middle and high school classes. 

The law, which was passed in 2019, went into effect on July 1. Public middle schools can start classes no earlier than 8 a.m., followed by high schools at 8:30 a.m.

Transportation is always a hot topic and these changes can be a wrench thrown into an already messy, chaotic time. For some school districts, we’re hearing how the reality of later start times is hitting hard. From bus driver shortages to negative feedback from parents, the downstream effects of this law is impacting both schools and parents who have had to adjust their morning routines. 

With change like this often comes frustration and confusion. And it’s too easy for districts to lose control of the narrative. 

As you manage the dynamic of the unknown, it’s critical to provide an avenue to answer questions, concerns, and complaints from stakeholders — especially parents. 

Let’s Talk helps school districts centralizes feedback — ensuring the front office staff don’t become overwhelmed during the school year — and simplifies  communications in a way that is both measurable and accountable. The platform allows districts to listen to, respond, and validate the concerns of parents before whispers turn into a trending topic on the five o’clock news.

District leaders are using automation and the real-time data from Let’s Talk to address parent concerns and proactively make better decisions while building community trust and support. 

Every back-to-school season and the fall months are a challenge for administrators who are managing new changes and questions from families. Request a consult to learn more about how you can use Let’s Talk to navigate frequently asked questions from stakeholders in your school district.

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Max Lush
Max Lush is a Regional Account Director at K12 Insight. With five years of experience in the software-as-a-solution industry, he has helped districts leverage tools that make processes and tasks more efficient and effective. Prior to working in SaaS, he was a middle and high school English teacher.

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