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Rethinking SaaS Solutions: Why It’s Time for an Audit

Consider these factors as you determine the technology needs for your district.

School districts are in the midst of a digital transformation and, for many districts, an outdated tech stack cannot keep up with demands. 

Performing an audit of your existing technology can help you identify what’s working in your district and find opportunities to improve or replace less effective or obsolete tools. 

Here are four factors to consider as you evaluate your district’s education technology:

1. Ticket deflection 

Is your current ticketing system streamlined and structured to make IT support accessible? An effective ticketing system can help improve communications, engage multilingual families, keep families without internet access connected, and ensure your back-end workflows are simplified.     

2. Data-driven decision-making

Analyzing data about tickets, customer service satisfaction, stakeholder engagement, and staff and student attrition can influence your department and district communications strategy. Take a look at your existing metrics to see if you’re capturing the right data for your community.

3. Security and accountability

In recent years, ransomware attacks have risen by over 90% and schools have inadvertently leaked nearly 30 million records in data breaches. As you audit your technology, identify risk factors — like listing email addresses openly on your website — that could make your district prone to a ransomware attack.

4. Customer service

Today, options for families have expanded through school choice programs, private and charter schools, and virtual options. Your community expects top-notch service and poor experiences can lead parents to pursue options outside of your district, so focusing on delivering superior customer experiences and measuring satisfaction is critical. 

Ready to get started? 

Now is the time to start. To help, download our guide that with 15 questions to ask during an edtech audit

After you’ve completed your audit, you may need to consider new solutions to bridge the technology gaps in your district and help meet stakeholder needs quickly, easily, and more intentionally. 

K12 Insight offers Let’s Talk — the only customer experience and intelligence platform purpose-built for education. We help IT leaders bring new ideas to their department and district that will strengthen trust and deliver superior customer experiences. Let’s Talk streamlines inbound communications with a unified inbox, identifies trends to help you make data-informed decisions, and automatically reroutes inquiries to the appropriate department based on keywords. It’s a game-changer for not only IT, but every department districtwide.  

Let us show you the product!

By K12 Insight
Originally published June 8, 2022 Last updated January 6, 2024