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school district to adopt a customer service solution

Time for a Customer Service Solution: A School District Imperative

Let’s Talk continues to evolve based on hundreds of successful implementations by school districts nationwide to help you provide superior customer experiences.

Students, families, and staff have high expectations, and now — more than ever — customer service is critical to building trust and strengthening relationships districtwide.

Our mission at K12 Insight has always been to help K-12 school districts deliver superior customer experiences faster and more intentionally. And that’s only possible because of the amazing districts that partner with us. 

We’ve found through our experience partnering with K-12 educators across the country that the top districts that keep their students, staff, and funding have one thing in common: They deliver a superior customer experience. Superior customer service helps school districts strengthen trust and relationships with stakeholders while taking a proactive, data-driven approach to two-way communications. 

If you’re exploring communications and customer service solutions for your district, here’s how Let’s Talk can help your district achieve its goals for better communication, collaboration, transparency, equity, and engagement: 

Let’s Talk: Designed for K-12 districts and inspired by districts like yours 

We are inspired by our district partners and their success stories, and we are constantly innovating to meet the needs of our users. 

Our team at K12 Insight has analyzed hundreds of Let’s Talk implementations at school districts of all sizes, and use those findings to evolve our platform. Every user of Let’s Talk provides invaluable feedback that ensures our platform offers the best solutions for districts as they engage their communities. 

In May, we released the latest version of Let’s Talk — the only all-in-one customer experience and intelligence platform purpose-built for education. This release features tools and updates that make it even easier for districts to deploy Let’s Talk quickly and with ease. 

Go live with Let’s Talk quickly — especially when you need it most

School districts and their staff are overwhelmed with incoming communications each day, and often don’t have enough time to answer every question. And with so many concerns around safety and security, it’s essential districts have a solution in place for answering questions quickly and identifying issues before they become crises. 

School districts have turned to Let’s Talk to manage communications from a unified inbox — using it to support enrollment, manage technology tickets, field transportation requests, and more. We’ve made it easy for districts to get up and running with Let’s Talk with a three-step wizard that allows districts to set up their communications hub fast. 

Self-service tools that simplify communications for your team 

As we continue to innovate and enhance Let’s Talk, we’ve added self-service tools like Let’s Talk Assistant and Knowledge Base so you can handle communications and deflect tickets all in one place. 

We know superior customer experiences are not about one person or one department. That’s why we’ve designed Let’s Talk to make it easier for everyone on your team to work together to provide a positive experience for every student, parent, teacher, and community member. 

Customer service is a necessity for school districts — and K12 Insight is here every step of the way to help you use Let’s Talk to build and strengthen trust with stakeholders, improve engagement, retain teachers and staff, improve enrollment, and be proactive using data to identify issues before they become crises. 

Ready to explore Let’s Talk for your district? Request a demo today. 

Lynn Fersh
By Lynn Fersh
Originally published June 7, 2022 Last updated January 6, 2024