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Economic impact of declining enrollment: Video analysis.

Schools and leading education advocates celebrated Public Schools Week this week, honoring the work of America’s K-12 schools.

The festivities come as America’s public schools stand at a crossroads.

At least 18 states are projected to report public school enrollment declines over the next decade.

Changing demographics and increased competition from school choice present serious challenges for the nation’s public schools. Every student lost has a potential economic impact on a district’s ability to serve its community, whether it be hiring new teachers, or investing in more innovative programs.

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Our latest video outlines some important statistics for school districts to keep in mind as they double down on efforts to retain and attract students and families:

  • $11,392: Average cost per full-time student
  • $45,483: Average teacher salary
  • For every four students lost, schools lose the equivalent of one teacher salary

Watch the full video above to learn what school districts are doing to reverse declining enrollments–and see if these strategies will work for you.

Is your school district in danger of losing families to choice or demographic shifts? What steps are you taking to keep students from choosing out? Tell us in the comments.