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Good News

Sharing Good News: Positive District Experiences via Let’s Talk

Let's Talk Good News shines a spotlight on the inspiring things happening in school districts around the country.

As K-12 educators and administrators, you’re working tirelessly to ensure every student receives the best possible educational experience against the backdrop of challenges like the mental health crisis among children, teacher burnout, learning loss, and school safety. 

You’re also going the extra mile to deliver superior customer service with every interaction.

When we’re focused on working hard to make a positive difference in our districts, we often forget to take a step back and celebrate the amazing things happening districtwide. 

At K12 Insight, our district partners use Let’s Talk to recognize staff, collect heartfelt stories, and highlight positive experiences. For example:

We want to hear about the great things happening in your district. That’s why we’re launching Let’s Talk Good News — a social media campaign that highlights the inspiring things happening in districts around the country.  

What is Let’s Talk Good News? 

Let’s Talk Good News celebrates our district partners and their incredible staff members who go above and beyond every day to deliver superior customer service across their district.

In the coming months, we’ll be spotlighting districts that have set up a Let’s Talk topic for collecting compliments, recognitions, gratitude messages, and other encouraging dialogues. 

How to feature your district in Let’s Talk Good News

Being part of Let’s Talk Good News is easy! Submit your Let’s Talk topic for a chance to be featured on K12 Insight’s social media channels. We’d love to see a positive sample dialogue collected through your Let’s Talk landing page — whether it’s a compliment, staff recognition, or piece of good news.

For ideas on recognizing people who are making a difference in your district using Let’s Talk, read this guide for inspiration

If you don’t have Let’s Talk and want to learn more about how it helps districts deliver superior customer service, request a consult today. Let’s focus on the good!

By Krista Coleman
Krista Coleman is K12 Insight’s chief customer officer. She’s dedicated to helping K-12 school districts across the United States provide superior customer experiences to families, teachers, staff, and other stakeholders.
Originally published March 7, 2023 Last updated January 5, 2024