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Planning for 2023: How an AI-powered chatbot can make things easier for school district leaders

Reduce your email inbox and divert easy-to-answer repeat questions by launching an always-on chatbot.
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As 2022 comes to a close, it’s time for reflection. How many hours did you and your staff spend answering repetitive questions? 

When will we get report cards? How can I check my child’s grades? Is school closed? When are parent-teacher conferences? 

Around 70% of the questions school districts answer each year are repeat inquiries — taking up time your staff could be spending on more complex, nuanced requests. 

Many of our district partners have implemented Let’s Talk Assistant, an AI-powered chatbot, as a first line of defense — eliminating hundreds of repeated questions from staff inboxes and helping parents get answers fast. 

70% of questions answered by school districts each year are repeat questions.   

Let’s Talk Assistant is the first chatbot built for K-12 school districts, and launching takes less than 20 business days. That means your district could be offering 24/7 service to stakeholders in 2023, saving staff time and energy in the new year. And, it’s available in both English and Spanish. 

Let’s Talk Assistant starts with a list of the most commonly asked questions from districts around the country. From there, you can personalize and supplement with questions unique to your schools — making sure hundreds of inquiries are taken care of before they get to your inbox.  

AI powered chatbot

Through the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), effective chatbot tools have the ability to learn over time, and even to recognize patterns or connect dots. In other words, once you’ve trained Let’s Talk Assistant to identify and answer the most common questions, it will start to grow and learn on its own. 

In time, your chatbot will become a representative of the school and district itself — just like the receptionist in a school lobby. By streamlining the communications process for everyone asking and answering questions, Let’s Talk Assistant can help your district deliver superior experiences — the first step toward better engagement and better education.  

When executed well, chatbots can increase customer satisfaction and dramatically decrease time and expense of rote customer service models of the past. Not sure if a chatbot is right for your district? Learn how chatbot technology can help your district provide superior customer experiences.

By Hillary Robbins
Originally published November 14, 2022 Last updated December 4, 2023