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Let’s Talk! Share Your Why Contest Winners: Celebrating Achievements

A better school experience for everyone relies on building strong, trusting relationships. 

But, often times, trust feels unattainable in its ambiguity. 

In fact, when we previewed findings from our 2019 State of Customer Experience Report, we found that 90 percent of school leaders surveyed said building trust was very important to their mission, yet only 52 percent said they were confident in their ability to do this work. 

Just as jarring: Only 51 percent said they were confident in their district’s ability to engage parents and community members. 

Perhaps that makes sense when you consider that trust is the culmination of thousands of daily interactions across a district—whether they be in-person or via another channel such as email, phone, or social media. Those interactions can’t be left to chance. And it’s equally important that those interactions are tracked over time to understand larger trends. 

While technology on its own is not a silver bullet, it plays a critical role in helping build public trust. That’s why many school districts nationwide have turned to Let’s Talk!, K12 Insight’s cloud-based customer experience solution, to open lines of communication and improve the school customer experience. 

We could spend all day touting Let’s Talk!, but we know it means more coming from front-line leaders who use it every day to build trust in their schools. That’s why we asked our users to share what they love about Let’s Talk! in our Share Your Why contest. 

We were floored by the responses we received. Submissions covered everything from specific Let’s Talk! features to departmental uses to the impact on schools and districts. Winners were randomly selected, and—needless to say—we’re glad we didn’t have the impossible task of picking them ourselves. 

So, meet our contest winners and see what they have to say about why they love Let’s Talk!, and tune into our social media channels as we share out more submissions during the upcoming weeks. Contest winners: Keep an eye on your email for information about your prize!

Here’s what our contest winners love about Let’s Talk!

(Winners are not listed in any particular order)

Let's Talk! testimonials

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