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Let’s Talk! Assistant Launch: Introducing a K-12 District-Focused Chatbot

If there’s one thing families and school district employees don’t have enough of this year, it’s time. Parents, students, teachers, and others have an increasing number of questions and concerns—and ensuring they quickly get the right information has never been more critical. 

One way to help ensure every community member has a way to reach out when their schedule allows and receive a timely response is to turn to automation. Implemented correctly, chatbots can answer 80% of routine questions—freeing up staff to resolve high-touch customer interactions and reducing overall support costs. 

But school leaders need more than what typical chatbots offer. So we made ours different. 


Let's Talk AssistantIntroducing Let’s Talk! Assistant, a chatbot designed specifically for K-12 school districts to help you provide always-on customer service, create internal efficiencies, and improve the school customer experience. We used our more than a decade of experience in the K-12 space plus data analysis from over 300 school district partners LTA Report On Computeracross the nation to give you an unparalleled chatbot experience.

Create a one-stop-shop for families
Give families a fast, easy way to get answers to FAQs on their schedule with 24/7 automated customer service from any device, and provide the option to submit nuanced or complex inquiries to a staff member via Let’s Talk!

Automate, but stay human
Backed by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Let’s Talk! Assistant can correctly answer FAQs asked in a variety of ways and use customer input to continue learning and improving. 

Measure your impact in real-time
Extract data, insights, and themes (including number of inquiries, customer satisfaction, trending topics, and time saved) to help measure progress, optimize your chatbot, and make meaningful changes in your community.

Integrate seamlessly with Let’s Talk!
A chatbot on its own won’t solve the problems K-12 leaders face, which is why we’ve integrated ours with Let’s Talk!, our online customer service ticketing solution—giving you a comprehensive approach to understanding and improving the customer experience in your district. 

Experience the K12 Insight difference

Like with all of our products, we don’t just hand over the software and wish you the best. We’re with you every step of the way—from training to brainstorming and innovating to understanding data and beyond—to help you listen to, learn from, and serve your community. 

  • Go live in just 3 weeks with our collaborative onboarding process
  • Receive quarterly Essential FAQ lists, backed by our Let’s Talk! data, to help empower your chatbot
  • Use our bank of customizable communications templates to easily promote Let’s Talk! Assistant in your community
  • Reach out to our team of experts at any time to ask questions, discuss best practices, and get the most out of our partnership 

Leading in innovation

Indiana’s Fort Wayne Community Schools was one of the first districts to pilot Let’s Talk! Assistant—a step that aligns with its innovative, customer-focused culture. In just over two weeks, the district’s chatbot (which they’ve named Charley) answered nearly 300 questions from more than 130 community members. Now they’re a month in, and the district’s public information officer Krista Stockman says it’s been a game-changer: 

“Let’s Talk! Assistant is as efficient for us as it is for families. It gives parents an intuitive way to ask questions whenever their schedules allow—even if it’s after eight or nine at night—and get an immediate, precise response. That frees up our staff to attend to other responsibilities, including high-touch customer interactions.” 


Want to learn more about Let’s Talk! Assistant and see if it might be a good fit for your district? Register for our free webinar on Nov. 12 or sign up for a no-obligation demo.