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flexible as you are

Let’s Talk! 16.0: A solution that is as flexible as you are

If necessity is the mother of invention, the last year has provided all of us with many opportunities for creativity. A K12 Insight, it has challenged us to explore new features for Let’s Talk! to help you carry out the critical work of managing a school district through ever-changing circumstances. 

This year we doubled down on our strategies for collecting customer feedback, and I’m excited to share that 100% of the features included in this release were based on suggestions from our users.

Here are the key features you can look forward to in the upcoming Let’s Talk! release: Dialogue Assignment

Enhanced customer access

Translation support for all dialogues: Regardless of how a message comes in — phone, text message, email or online form — you can now take advantage of the auto-translation features of Let’s Talk! Simply select the language in “dialogue details” and watch the magic happen! Translation is supported in 13 languages. 

Interest area phone numbers: We’re expanding our phone and text messaging capabilities to allow for interest area specific phone lines. These lines can have their own set of messages — incoming call greetings, voicemail messages and text auto-replies — all easily managed by your team in your Let’s Talk! settings. 


The data you want, at your fingertips

Service level agreements by category or topic: Set different working hours and different response time expectations by team. While most of your district has a standard of responding in two business days, your technology support team wants to respond within one day. Your campuses may operate from 7 a.m. – 4 p.m., but transportation is on the clock from 5 a.m. – 5 p.m. This update helps each team live up to their own set of service standards.    

Find feedback comments faster: You know your average Cx score, but have you looked at the comments your customers shared along with their feedback? Use inbox filters to easily identify dialogues with comments to find themes around areas for improvement and to share kudos with your teams.

New dashboard filters: Look at your Let’s Talk! data by landing page or tab. The new filters help you drill down to learn more about how your customers are accessing Let’s Talk!.


Making your Let’s Talk! experience easier

Browser-based notifications: Never miss a Let’s Talk! notification again. Browser-based notifications allow you to see (and hear) when you have something to pay attention to in Let’s Talk! without checking your inbox. 

Comment Added

Reorganized inbox: Dialogues with the most recent customer interactions will float to the top of your inbox, helping you stay on top of additional customer replies. 

Account-wide out-of-office replies: Spring break? Snow day? Setting up an account-wide out-of-office reply makes it easy to communicate to your customers that your entire team is away and to let them know when you’ll be back. 

Enhanced support center: We wanted to make it easier for you to share your challenges, ideas, and compliments with our Let’s Talk! support team. Check out the question mark icon in your account for options to submit a feature request, report an issue (including a screenshot), and to tell us what you love. As always, you’ll also be able to contact our support team, sign up for training, and visit the Learning Center.


And so much more! You’ll also notice:

  • Searchable response templates
  • Email notifications for undelivered replies
  • A date closed field for your closed dialogue inbox
  • The ability to reset your notifications to the default settings
  • Email domain suggestions to help you avoid (and correct) typos
  • Custom thank you messages for hidden customers


Look for the latest Let’s Talk! updates coming June 18, 2021. Don’t have Let’s Talk! but want to learn more? Sign up for a free, no-obligation demo.