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K12 Insight contributes to CoSN’s EdTech Leadership Report

K12 Insight contributes to CoSN’s EdTech Leadership Report

CoSN’s annual report highlighted nationwide survey results on key trends and challenges for K-12 IT leaders.

K12 Insight was proud to partner with CoSN, the Consortium for School Networking, AASA, The School Superintendents Association, MCH Strategic Data, and others to conduct CoSN’s annual EdTech Leadership Report.

K12 Insight’s expert-led Managed Research team helps school districts across the country collect feedback to identify gaps and opportunities impacting the school environment, and use the data to inform decision-making to improve schools, drive student success, increase employee satisfaction, and build trust capital. Driven by our team’s dedication to supporting IT teams within the K12 space, our team also helps CoSN collect and analyze survey responses for the EdTech Leadership Report annually.

Here are some of the report’s top findings:

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Let’s Talk Assistant — built using best-in-class large language models and secure, responsible AI best practices — helps school districts provide always-on customer service and create internal efficiencies by giving parents, teachers, and school districts a fast and easy way to get answers to frequently asked questions 24-7. Let’s Talk Assistant empowers school districts to:

Let’s Talk Assistant is a safe, secure, and responsible chatbot. Districts can have confidence in the secure platform with K12 Insight’s third-party zero data retention policy — which means data is only retained within the Let’s Talk platform and does not allow third parties, like OpenAI, to retain data.

K12 Insight’s data science team has been using AI to provide leading solutions for its customer service platform, Let’s Talk, and continues to develop innovative AI solutions that bring efficiency and insight to school district operations.

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Ready to strengthen your schools through purposeful research?

We help school districts build, promote, administer, and analyze purposeful research. The resulting data helps district and school leaders prioritize resources, support and engage students and employees, guide interventions, retain staff, and communicate with communities.

Our expert team provides support with a customized survey instrument; survey translation; promotion, deployment, and participation monitoring; reporting and analysis; and presentations and workshops.

Surveys and focus groups can help validate what school district leaders know and uncover concerns they might have never expected.