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Infographic: Turning Inquiries into PR Success

They say numbers don’t lie.

Unfortunately, the numbers don’t look all that great for the status quo in America’s public schools.

Like it or not, choice is having a serious impact.

Recent data show that charter school enrollments have spiked 62 percent in the last five years, and more than half of U.S states have some sort of school choice program.

Not only do families have more options when it comes to school, it would appear that more of them are choosing those options. While concepts such as competition, market share, and branding have long been the provenance of the business world, public school leaders are quickly discovering that to stay relevant, they have to think and act differently.

Staying competitive in today’s crowded K12 market requires a four-step process, according to a new infographic from K12 Insight (K12 Insight produces TrustED):

1. Resolve

The first step is acknowledging that you have competition in the first place. Then, you can begin the process of putting your district in a position to keep families engaged.

2. Learn

Use customer experience training and root cause analysis to find out exactly why people are leaving your schools. Then use that data to develop plans that address those issues.

3. Intervene

Put a system in place to listen, understand, and respond to parent and community concerns.

4. Train

Make sure your entire staff understands the reasons why families leave, embraces a customer-first mindset, and takes ownership of your district’s brand.

The infographic also outlines important facts and figures about the school choice movement that every school leader should know. Check it out.

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What do you think of this infographic? Are you using any of these steps to keep your schools competitive? Tell us in the comments.