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Navigating School Choice Competition: Infographic Insights

When it comes to creating a positive customer experience, you need to stay ahead of the game. That means making it easy for your community to reach out and receive a timely, accurate response. 

But far too often, districts and schools rely on engagement solutions that only do the bare minimum—resulting in students, families, staff, and others feeling forgotten and ignored. These solutions may get a community member a response (at least we hope so!), but they don’t hold anyone—let alone everyone—accountable for creating positive customer experiences, and they don’t provide users with the tools they need to understand and measure progress. 

In short, the interaction might look like this: 

Community Members Reaches Out

Perhaps that response is complete and accurate—but it might not be. Or it might prompt additional questions or concerns, requiring the community member to reach back out. Can you ensure each subsequent response is timely and accurate? How will your customer feel after the exchange? Will that interaction have made him or her feel valued and help contribute to a positive district brand?

That same interaction could play out like this: 

Community Member Reaches Out

You don’t need to be told what that community member feels waiting for a response that will never come. 

What if you could change the narrative in your district and power meaningful change—with just one solution? 

Welcome to Let’s Talk!, K12 Insight’s cloud-based customer experience solution that increases community engagement and ensures customer satisfaction while driving internal efficiencies. 

The infographic below explores what happens when an inquiry is submitted through Let’s Talk!—and illustrates how the solution empowers teams to create exceptional experiences that build strong, trusting relationships that contribute to a district-wide customer experience culture.

Let's Talk! Next-Level CommunicationReady to empower your district leaders with a solution that really drives change? Get a demo of Let’s Talk! today.