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How chatbot technology saves time for K-12 school districts

Save your staff time by having a chatbot answer repeat questions

How often does your district staff answer these types of questions?

  • When are report cards distributed?
  • Is school closed? 
  • When are parent teacher conferences?
  • How do I register my child?
  • What is the mask policy?

The list goes on, and your district probably receives dozens of these questions each day. In fact, about 70% of questions answered by school districts each year are repeat questions. 

Yet, it’s likely your district doesn’t have the time to answer every single question. 

A chatbot can accurately answer 80% of inbound inquiries, all without the help of human staff. 

As competition increases, it has become critical for school districts to prioritize customer service to better engage families, create opportunities for listening, and open the door for positive change. 

Here’s an example of one stakeholder’s experience when trying to determine whether her child is eligible for pre-K. One side shows what happens when she calls her child’s district. The other shows how a chatbot might answer the same question.    

chatbot infographic

Read more about the promise of integrating chatbot technology into your school district. 

By Rebecca Kabir
Originally published July 6, 2022 Last updated September 22, 2023