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changing the game for school customer service

How seven school districts are changing the game for school customer service

Learn how districts are using Let’s Talk to make their districts safer, streamline workflows, and gather community feedback.
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From bus routes to curriculum, parents have a lot of questions. The National Report on Parent-School Trust and Engagement found that 87% of parents reached out to their school district more than once during the 2021-22 school year  — with 44% reaching out at least six times. 

If you have 10,000 students in your district, this can easily become more than 26,000 inbound inquiries in a school year — if not more. 

Our district partners across the country are using Let’s Talk to deliver superior customer experiences to their communities, and we wanted to share how a few departments — including transportation, human resources, and information technology — are uniquely using Let’s Talk to simplify communications, collect feedback, inform decision-making, and better serve families. 

  1. Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District is using Let’s Talk and Let’s Talk Assistant to streamline incoming communications for their transportation department, enabling families to easily get answers about bus routes and transportation needs. 
  2. Virginia Beach City Public Schools uses the Let’s Talk Assistant chatbot to lighten the load for the staff, ensuring hundreds of stakeholders receive instant answers to their questions — no matter the time of day. In the 2020-2021 school year, their chatbot accurately answered over 1,300 inbound questions.
  3. Indianapolis Public Schools adopted Let’s Talk districtwide. A few highlights include how they’re using Let’s Talk to manage human resources requests and technology ticketing, as well as to gather community feedback and questions on their “Rebuilding Stronger” plan — a district initiative focused on ensuring all students have access to high-quality educational opportunities. 
  4. Dallas Independent School District uses Let’s Talk to support specific community needs, including mental health and LGBTQ support services
  5. Temecula Valley Unified School District uses Let’s Talk to allow its community to submit bullying reports and threats. They’ve received more than 1,130 inquiries since 2017, including some that have triggered keyword-based Critical Alerts that saved student lives.   
  6. Austin Independent School District and Plano Independent School District are using Let’s Talk to collect questions and feedback about bonds in the upcoming November election.  

To learn more about the impact Let’s Talk can have on your district, schedule a free demo.

ellie grace
By Ellie Grace
Ellie Grace is a senior client success manager at K12 Insight. She has a background in teaching, academic support, and professional development, and a Master of Education degree in Transformational Leadership and Teaching from Johns Hopkins University.
Originally published October 31, 2022 Last updated December 1, 2023