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How Fort Worth ISD has built a community rooted in trust

Fort Worth Independent School District uses Let’s Talk to communicate with stakeholders.
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In 2019, Fort Worth Independent School District launched Let’s Talk to simplify the communication process for district stakeholders — which includes over 75,000 students and 10,000 staff members. 

Let’s Talk soon became part of the district’s culture — supporting two-way communications between school administrators and parents.

“When you have a platform like Let’s Talk, you can make sure everyone feels involved and invested in the success of what’s going on in the district,” said Richard Johnson, Parent Engagement Specialist at Fort Worth ISD. “Everyone can feel heard and valued. When you don’t have a system like this, sometimes people can get lost in the shuffle and feel like they don’t matter as much.”

Whether they’re collecting feedback on bond proposals and simply answering a parent concern, Let’s Talk gives Fort Worth ISD staff a platform to listen to community concerns and opinions — and ensure stakeholders know they’re being heard.

And during back-to-school season, when Fort Worth ISD receives hundreds of inquiries each day, Let’s Talk creates internal efficiencies through customizable templates for frequently asked questions.

“Our district loves the organization and ease-of-use of Let’s Talk,” said Jessica Becerra, Family and Community Outreach and Marketing Specialist at Fort Worth ISD. “We can easily respond to text messages and other forms of communication in one place and see a quick snapshot of all messages at once.” 

The high level of attention to their stakeholders and relationships cultivated through conversations has helped Fort Worth ISD build a thriving school culture centered around trust. 

Read our success story featuring Fort Worth ISD and reach out if you’re interested in learning how Let’s Talk can help you ensure every voice is heard in your district. 

Matt Lindbloom
By Matt Lindbloom
Matt Lindbloom is a senior client success manager at K12 Insight. He brings a depth of experience to school districts, having worked at the company for over nine years in implementation and analyst roles. He has a bachelor's degree from Drexel University in marketing, communications, and brand management.
Originally published October 24, 2022 Last updated October 27, 2022