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Improving Let's Talk!: Seeking Your Feedback

Our team has been hard at work on our latest Let’s Talk! release – Version 13.5. Every feature in this release was inspired by the feedback we received from Let’s Talk! users, and we’re so excited to share it with you! 

Because your feedback is so valuable to us, you’ll notice something a bit different about our latest release: a few features are accompanied by a red Beta ribbon. We’ve designated these as Beta Features because we know there is still work to do, but the best way for us to improve upon them is to hear feedback from you–our users–as you experience them. 

CX Score

Here are the features we’re looking for your feedback on along with updates we’re considering making in the future:

The National Comparison Dashboard allows you to see how your performance stacks up against other districts using Let’s Talk! nationwide. 

What we’re considering:
While it’s great to see how you compare overall, we think you might want to compare yourself to other districts who are similar to you in specific ways like location, student enrollment, etc. Or perhaps topic-level comparisons may be more important to you–for example, seeing how your transportation department compares to others around the country. 

Interest Area Category, Topic, & User Comparison Grids allow you to see, at-a-glance, which topics and teams within your district are providing stellar service, and where there is room for improvement or a need for additional resources.

What we’re considering:
This report will give you a quick snapshot of key performance indicators, but how do you make that information actionable? We think in the future you will want guidance on how to use this data to improve your customer service practices.

Category Ownership allows system administrators to delegate the account setup of Let’s Talk! for departments, schools, and special topics.

What we’re considering:
Being able to delegate is amazing–but do you have all the resources you need to make your category owners successful? In future iterations of this feature, we’d like to introduce push notifications to these users with all the instructions, tips, and tricks they need to set up their own branch of Let’s Talk! 

Private Categories & Topics allow system administrators to set up a virtual privacy fence within Let’s Talk! for sensitive topics. 

What we’re considering:
There are some conversations that are best viewed by only one set of eyes–or a select few. But creating these privacy walls takes away from the collaborative spirit of Let’s Talk!. We think in the future, system administrators may want the ability to approve (or deny) what can be designated as private. 

As you interact with these features, we invite you to share your feedback with our team using one of the options below:

  1. From the Question Mark icon in your Let’s Talk! account, select Contact Support
  2. Contact me via Let’s Talk!
  3. Share your feedback with your K12 Insight Strategic Account Executive or Let’s Talk! Implementation Manager

So get out there and start exploring Let’s Talk! Version 13.5. We can’t wait to hear how we can make these features work even better for you!