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Happy school communicators day from K12 Insight

Happy School Communicators Day: Celebrating school PR leaders who create superior customer experiences

Thank you to the amazing school communicators delivering superior customer service each day.

Communication is the key to a successful school district — and school communicators are the fuel behind the fire. As we celebrate NSPRA’s inaugural School Communicators Day, our team at K12 Insight wanted to recognize how the school communications professionals we work with help their districts deliver superior customer experiences each day.   

Karen Jordan, Public Information Officer

Hernando County School District (Florida)

For Hernando County School District, superior customer experiences are crucial. Karen Jordan helps her district meet the high expectations of stakeholders by improving the user experience on the website and facilitating simplified connections between families and their schools. 

“Stakeholders have high expectations for service — and lots of other options if those expectations aren’t met,” Ellie Grace, Customer Success Manager at K12 Insight, said. “At Hernando County School District, they use Let’s Talk to facilitate positive interactions between families and the district, which keeps parents from pursuing alternative options — like virtual, charter, or private schools.” 

Earl Dotson, Jr., Chief Communications Officer

Rockford Public Schools (Illinois)

For Earl Dotson, Jr., navigating the dialogues between administration, staff, families, and community members is no small task. As the chief communications officer at Rockford Public Schools, he is a master at tracking inbound communications from every direction — including emails, phone calls, social media messages, and more. 

“Earl has been instrumental in helping his district streamline communications and provide superior service to every stakeholder through Let’s Talk,” said Emily Weinberger, Client Success Manager at K12 Insight. “He’s dedicated to listening to his community and facilitating meaningful change based on two-way conversations.”  

Leanne Libby, Chief Communications Officer

Corpus Christi Independent School District (Texas)

Like school PR professionals around the country, Leanne Libby from Corpus Christi Independent School District has witnessed more students in need, more teacher burnout, and more health, safety, and security demands than ever before. The task of continuing to provide superior service has become increasingly difficult. Luckily, the work doesn’t need to be done by Libby alone.    

“Edtech tools with AI-capabilities, back-end conversation history, and predictive analytics represent the future of school communications: personalized, equitable, and always-on,” said Ellie Grace, Customer Success Manager at K12 Insight. “Leanne uses Let’s Talk Assistant to ensure Corpus Christi Independent School District delivers superior customer experiences — while lightening the workload for her staff.”     

Celebrating school communicators 

We appreciate school communicators and their tireless efforts each day to ensure positive experiences, superior communication, and better education in their districts. Tools like Let’s Talk lighten the workload for school communicators so they can get back to what they care about most: creating meaningful dialogues with stakeholders across their communities.          

Looking to lighten your district’s communication workload while delivering superior customer service? Request a consultation today.   

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By Melissa Vazquez
Originally published May 12, 2022 Last updated December 1, 2023