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Exceptional School Experience: Infographic on 10 Cultivation Ways

The end of the school year means different things to different people. For students, it’s often a time to review and, hopefully, to relax. Teachers use it to prepare. School and district leaders often use the time to pose important questions:

What did we do right this year?
Where can we improve?
What are our priorities for back-to-school?

As the K-12 education landscape continues to shift, school leaders and educators face more challenges–and more questions–than ever before.

These questions have led educators in search of unconventional solutions.

“I hate to claim that there’s one solution that solves all of a school’s problems,” says veteran education researcher Dr. Shelby McIntosh, “but if there ever was one I’m starting to believe that customer service might just be it.”

In fact, many of the districts we’ve talked to have begun to focus on the customer experience–either through the use of emerging technologies used to streamline and improve community communication, through training and professional development for staff, or some combination of the two.

If you’re looking to answer the question of how to create a stronger customer experience in your schools, K12 Insight recently partnered with EdSurge to create this handy infographic that outlines 10 strategies for building a strong customer experience in your schools.

Check it out below.  

For even more on how to build a strong customer service culture this year, check out our exclusive guide.

customer experience in schools infographic