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Boosting Collaboration with Let's Talk! in Teams

When it comes to providing a strong school customer experience, it’s all about exceeding expectations.

Making sure your team is on the same page is the first step to ensuring strong experiences for students, parents, and community members.

This spring we’re introducing a new set of features in Let’s Talk! to help increase efficiency and collaboration on your team.

Here’s a quick rundown of what to look out for.

Experience collaboration in real-time

Let's Talk! screenshot

With our real-time collaboration feature, you’ll know when other team members are viewing the same dialogue, typing a response to the customer, or getting ready to add an internal comment. Decrease response times for your customers by reducing redundancy and waiting time between team member communications.

Keep everyone in the loop (in one email)

Let's Talk! 2

Need to bring other people into the conversation?

There’s no need to send out multiple emails. We’ve added the ability to CC any email in a customer response, so they’re added to the dialogue in just one click!

Bonus: If the person CC’d is also a user on Let’s Talk!, they’ll automatically be added to the dialogue as a team member. Now, any response they send via email will be pulled in as an internal comment.

Never lose your work

Many of you asked for the ability to save draft responses to customers. We hear you loud and clear.

Now, Let’s Talk! will automatically save all responses you have drafted. So if you step out for a second or need to check a different dialogue, your work doesn’t go away and you can pick up right where you left off later. Plus, if you create a masterpiece, you have the option of saving it as a response template for future use!

Simple and straightforward

Let's Talk! 3

We’ve also made some smaller updates to make Let’s Talk! as intuitive as possible:

  • Text fields are more visible
  • Add internal comments in just one click
  • Drag and drop files to attach them to responses

Fewer clicks, more efficiency, and better customer experiences.

To learn more about the changes in the 2019 Let’s Talk! Release, check out the release notes!