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Student being made fun of at school in a classroom setting

Bullying Stats Every Educator Should Know: A #Infographic with 9 Key Stats

It should come as no surprise that bullying is a problem in schools.

But recent data show that the extent to which bullying occurs comes as a surprise to both teachers and administrators.

A recent article in The 74 outlines the results of an anonymous survey of 80,000 students in 21 states conducted by the nonprofit YouthTruth.

The YouthTruth survey found that nearly one in four students is bullied in school, similar to findings from other bullying surveys. It also revealed a stark disparity between students’ perceptions of bullying and how teachers and school leaders define the problem.

Unfortunately, this disconnect is all too common for school districts.

“The YouthTruth survey is important because it helps to highlight more and more some of these disconnects between reality and perception, and perception is reality in a lot of cases when it comes to bullying,” Andrew Brennen, national field director at the student advocacy organization Student Voice told The 74.

So what is the reality when it comes to bullying?

The infographic below illustrates nine important statistics every teacher, administrator, and parent should know about bullying.

A few highlights:

  • More than 60 percent of students who are bullied don’t report the incident to an adult.
  • 82 percent of students who identify as LGBTQ were bullied in the last year based on their sexual identification.
  • More than half of bullying incidents stop when peers intervene, further evidence that there’s hope for preventing bullying through better student engagement.

Want more? Check out the full infographic below.

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Bullying statistics infographic