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3 school stakeholder feedback surveys

Spring and Summer Surveys: 3 School Stakeholder Feedback Options

As the school year comes to a close, consider implementing one of these surveys.

With the school year coming to an end, it’s the perfect time to consider areas of improvement for the coming school year. Implementing research-backed surveys this spring and summer can help you gain new perspectives and uncover trends you may otherwise have overlooked. 

Consider facilitating one of these three surveys to gather feedback from students, staff, families, and community members to drive improvement across your district: 

1. District and school quality surveys

Opening the door to feedback from your district community is one of the best ways to fuel school improvement and, in return, enhance school culture and quality and student and teacher engagement. 

District and school quality surveys capture how parents/guardians, students, staff, and teachers feel about academic and student support and programs; family involvement; health and well-being; facilities; and a variety of other aspects. The feedback you receive can help you discover trends, identify areas of improvement, improve student outcomes, and collect data that can inform future plans. 

2. Strategic planning feedback surveys

Your district’s decisions directly impact your staff, students, families, and community members —  which is why their opinions and needs should be a top priority when determining your next “big picture” strategic move.

Strategic planning feedback surveys provide valuable insight on stakeholders’ perceptions of your district’s strengths and weaknesses. The data gathered can inform your strategic plan and identify a focus, vision, and goals for your district and its schools and departments. It is helpful for leaders to identify what changes need to be prioritized, as well as determine what efforts will continue to support community needs. 

3. College and career readiness surveys

Less than half of graduating high school students feel positive about their preparedness to enter college or the job market after high school graduation. Measuring college and career readiness as early as the sixth grade provides you time to make adjustments that ensure a well-rounded experience before students leave your halls and enter their careers.

College and career readiness surveys provide insight on topics like student investment, interest, goals, and opinions — so your district can meet the needs of all students, no matter what their college and/or career path looks like. Use data collected from these surveys to inform academic and support program initiatives to help make students’ lives easier and more directional. 

Interested in learning how to launch a research-backed survey in your district this spring? Request a free consultation with our Managed Research team so you can start building a survey to leverage your district’s success today.

By Jennifer Coisson, Ph.D.
Originally published May 12, 2022 Last updated January 2, 2024