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Building Strong School Cultures: 3 Must-Have Components

What’s the best customer experience you’ve ever had? Maybe it was a pleasant phone interaction, a quick and smooth resolution to an issue, or an unexpected refund or discount after a challenging encounter.

While such interactions sometimes feel spontaneous, the truth is the best brands actively cultivate exceptional customer experiences.

A similar approach has begun to emerge in K-12 schools.

“The most successful school districts anticipate and exceed their customers’ expectations,” says Julie Thannum, assistant superintendent for board and community relations at Carroll ISD in Texas. “They have made customer service a priority and have built their program internally through direct dialogue–first with their employees, and then with actual customers.”

Our editors talked with dozens of school leaders who singled out strong customer experiences  as a key ingredient in school culture and climate. But prioritizing a customer-first culture in your schools, and putting that thinking into practice are often two different things.

To help, we’ve collected three practical examples of school districts improving school culture and climate through a focus on customer experience.

Simply click on any of the examples below to watch the next in our continuing series of free, on-demand webinars to learn how school leaders are using a focus on customer experience to transform how community members engage with their schools.

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