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First-of-its-kind K-12 secret shopping toolkit launched to help school districts retain students and families

Free program from K12 Insight helps school leaders uncover opportunities to enhance customer service, reverse declining enrollment and improve school climate

Herndon, VA – June 21, 2021 – As districts prepare and strategize for the upcoming school year, K12 Insight announced the launch of its free Ultimate K-12 Secret Shopping Toolkit — the first-ever secret shopping program designed exclusively for K-12 school districts.

“The way your district makes people feel matters — especially now as school districts look to welcome back and re-engage families, teachers, and staff,” said Suhail Farooqui, founder and CEO of K12 Insight. “The secret shopping toolkit is a do-it-yourself program reminiscent of ‘Undercover Boss’ that helps school superintendents and their leadership teams understand the level of service their districts provide and holds teams accountable for creating an excellent customer experience culture.”

The interactive digital toolkit includes a wealth of grab-and-go and customizable resources — including articles, worksheets and rubrics — to help districts plan and implement a successful secret shopping program to:

  • Understand their customers by walking in their shoes — identifying gaps, hassles or opportunities in their journey to improve overall school culture.
  • Establish a baseline measurement for customer service while identifying opportunities for meaningful improvement.
  • Improve frontline performance and accountability by informing responsive action plans around culture, training and capacity.

“It can be tempting to assume your district provides excellent customer service, but that’s a risky assumption — especially when you consider how every interaction can create a lasting impact and can be the difference between families and employees staying or leaving,” said Dr. Christine Wells, senior director of research and professional learning at K12 Insight and a leader of the secret shopping program. “Our secret shopping program helps district leaders reveal the true state of customer service in their district without taxing their limited time and resources.”

The program is designed around an effective quick-shop approach, helping school districts streamline the shopping process — from planning and delivery to shopping and analysis — while still ensuring meaningful results. K12 Insight also offers school districts a free Data Dive session where a team of school customer service experts will analyze a district’s shopping data, highlight service strengths and opportunities for improvement, and share key findings and recommendations back with the district.

“We’re taking the guesswork out of measuring customer service so district leaders can take swift and meaningful action,” Farooqui said. “By ensuring families, employees and community members have positive interactions with your school district, you can build public trust and improve your reputation — which has a bottom-line impact on enrollment and retention, school culture and climate, and student engagement and success.”

District leaders can learn more about the interactive toolkit and download it for free at

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