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Walton County School District


Walton County School District

The district
~10K students. 20 schools. Ranked 7 in Florida district grade ranking.

The challenge
With an ongoing commitment to better serve its community, Walton County School District sought a way to ensure accountability and measure its impact.

The results
The district used K12 Insight’s Let’s Talk! to increase community engagement, establish district-wide accountability, and measure their impact—but the result went even further than they imagined. Now, Let’s Talk! gives them a system for understanding, measuring, and improving their customer service while increasing internal collaboration and driving efficiencies so that they can better serve every member of their community.

In their words
“Without Let’s Talk! and K12 Insight, we would have information and inquiries coming in from 21 different pools from more than 10,000 students and their families and our thousands of constituents. And we would have no data points—no easy way to look at all of that information together and quickly make sense of it so that we can determine what community interests are and how we can support that.” — A. Russell Hughes, Superintendent, Walton County School District

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