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Superintendent Listening Tours

Leadership starts with relationships

Show your community you’re listening from day one

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The Challenge

As a school leader, you have to establish trust, forge key relationships, and understand the community before setting your vision. Or your tenure won’t last. A superintendent listening tour can help.

The Opportunity

A superintendent listening tour helps you get the lay of the land. Use community feedback to sharpen your focus and build goodwill for key initiatives. Then collaborate to get the work done fast.

How K12 Insight can help

K12 Insight

The K12 Insight platform helps you solicit input from all corners of your school community, reaching where you can’t be physically with the help of always-on listening.

  • Get to know the members of your school community personally
  • Give every stakeholder an opportunity to be heard either face to face or online
  • Get in-depth feedback and analysis to help shape your long-term vision
  • Engage your community in continuous, two-way conversations about the future of the district
  • Communicate your plan, explain your decision-making and secure buy-in from day one

Take it from some of our school partners

“People were giving us input, both pro and con. In under 10 minutes, I was able to generate a report and provide that to leadership.”

Rosalie Hirano,
Kyrene Elementary School District, Arizona

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