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Student Voice

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The Challenge

Student voice is critically important. But not all students feel like they have a voice in your schools, or that their opinion matters.

The Opportunity

Students that feel empowered to speak their minds perform better in school, pursue bold achievements when they graduate and stand up for one another along the way.

Why K12 Insight?

The K12 Insight platform empowers students by giving them a voice in the school experience. From input into classroom and curriculum decisions to more active roles in school governance, facilities management and school safety, student voice matters.

  • Reach your students where they are, not where you think they should be
  • Level the playing field by giving every student a voice
  • Use student feedback to make meaningful school improvements
  • Engender confidence and empathy by encouraging students to speak out on critical issues

Take it from some of our school partners

“The survey response was really powerful and impactful—and it gave me a great opportunity as a leader to provide that permission.”

Dr. David Schuler,
Superintendent, District 214,

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