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Special Education Satisfaction

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Find out what parents think about your special education programs

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The Challenge

You’re committed to equal opportunity learning for all students. But special education is complex. Parents and students often feel marginalized. To get on the same page, you have to work together.

The Opportunity

Create a collaborative school environment, one that invites feedback from parents and students and brings them into the conversation about improving special education services in your district.

How K12 Insight can help

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With the K12 Insight platform, you can collaborate directly with parents to evaluate special education satisfaction by inviting candid feedback, evaluating the latest research and creating plans for continuous improvement.

  • Hear from every family
  • Give parents and guardians an easier way to respond to sensitive policy changes
  • Use community feedback and insight to inform program improvements
  • Show parents how their feedback factors into your decisions
  • Host focus groups and listening sessions to solve critical issues

Take it from some of our school partners

Bryan Dillon,Chief Information Officer

Clover School District, South Carolina

“K12 Insight helps us build relationships in specific areas of our district by gaining trust and by implementing the suggestions that come back through the questions we ask.”

Bryan Dillon,
Chief Information Officer,
Clover School District, South Carolina

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