Expert-led research. Improved school quality and culture.

Collect feedback across your school district to identify gaps and opportunities impacting the school environment, and use the data to inform decision-making to improve schools, drive student success, increase employee satisfaction, and build trust capital.

Research services for schools and districts

Strengthen schools through purposeful research

Tap into your community’s insights to drive district wide improvements with K12 Insight’s internal and external K-12 researc services.

Inform decision-making

Conduct valid and reliable research in your district

Utilize research to prioritize resources, guide interventions, retain staff and families, communicate with your communities, and improve the school experience.

Supporting you every step of the way

Strengthen schools through expert-led research

Our team of expert education researchers provide support with a customized survey instrument, survey translation and promotion, deployment and participation monitoring, reporting and analysis, and presentations and workshops.


“Surveys and focus groups can help validate what you know and uncover concerns you might have never expected.”

Discover national trends

Participate in nationally benchmarked surveys

Gain insights into how your district measures up in terms of school and district quality, student engagement, and employee engagement with our nationally benchmarked surveys.

Making feedback matter

Develop a data-driven action plan

Our team of qualified research experts will guide you through the survey process from ideation to promotion to analysis, including our renowned “Making Feedback Matter” workshops that help you dive into results and build actionable plans.

Tap into your community’s insights to drive districtwide improvements

K12 Insight helps school districts conduct customized surveys, focus groups, and evaluations on topics including, but not limited to:

Attendance Boundary Modifications

Budget Planning

College and Career Readiness

Community Priorities

Crisis Management Feedback

Customer Service Professional Development

Customer Service Satisfaction

Distance Learning Feedback

District and School Quality*

Employee Engagement*

Employee Exit

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Perceptions

Family Exit

Family and School Partnerships

Leadership 360 Review

Professional Development Needs

Senior Exit

Social and Emotional Learning

Special Education Satisfaction

Strategic Planning Development and Feedback

Student Engagement*

Superintendent Listening

Superintendent Search

*Nationally benchmarked surveys


Explore these resources to learn how K12 Insight’s Managed Research team can help you identify gaps and opportunities impacting the school environment.

Telling stories with data

As school districts across the country experience monumental shifts, K12 Insight helps school administrators make data-driven decisions to improve the school environment by diving into surveys and focus groups.
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Research matters for every school district

COVID-19, safety concerns, book bans, and curriculum debates have left public schools in a wake of crises and many are struggling to maintain enrollment, ensure student safety, and engage their communities in meaningful dialogues.

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Investigate equity in your district by listening

Listening to your students, families, teachers, and staff is going to be an essential part of improving overall equity in your schools. Learn how an equity survey can help your district better understand stakeholder perceptions and experiences.

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Start delivering superior customer service in your school district

K12 Insight — a leading innovator of customer intelligence solutions for schools — helps you improve customer service and stakeholder engagement using a powerful customer experience platform and chatbot, research, and professional development.