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K-12 AI Chatbot for Education

The Let’s Talk Assistant chatbot helps school districts provide always-on K-12 chat customer service and create internal efficiencies by giving parents, teachers, and school districts a fast, easy way to get answers to frequently asked questions 24-7 — in English or Spanish.

70% of inbound inquiries are repeat questions.
Chatbots can reliably and accurately answer 80% of them.


Generative AI-powered chatbot

The best chatbot experience, powered by your data.

K12 Insight’s AI-powered chatbot provides a superior chatbot experience. It’s easier than ever to deliver instant and accurate answers with Let’s Talk Assistant — the only generative AI-powered chatbot designed for K-12.

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Powered by Artificial Intelligence

The power is in the platform.

Let’s Talk Assistant is powered by Let’s Talk — which means you only need one platform to deliver customer service. Customer interactions and analytics are captured in a centralized location for visibility, reporting and metrics. Chats are auto-cataloged and can be logged for the individual customer — ensuring you capture customer interactions in one location.

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Support multilingual families

Ahora en Español

Now with Spanish-language capabilities, Let’s Talk Assistant allows for seamless toggling between languages — providing every family with access to crucial information.

Equity & Multilingual Families

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Ensure stakeholders get answers

Live agent availability

When inquiries are too nuanced for the chatbot, stakeholders can turn to a live agent — a staff member who can offer the necessary support. K12 Insight uses nationwide data to determine the best times to staff your live agent, plus tips and tricks for managing the feature.

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Start delivering superior customer service in your school district

K12 Insight — a leading innovator of customer intelligence solutions for schools — helps you improve customer service and stakeholder engagement using a powerful customer experience platform and chatbot, research, and professional development.