Close-up of two people's phones having conversations with Let's Talk Assistant chatbot
Let’s Talk Assistant Chatbot

AI-powered, always-on chatbot.

The Let’s Talk Assistant chatbot helps school districts provide always-on customer service and create internal efficiencies by giving stakeholders a fast, easy way to get answers to frequently asked questions 24-7 — in English or Spanish.
Answer questions 24-7

Always-on support

Let’s Talk Assistant provides your stakeholders an avenue to solve problems and answer questions at any time, from any device — in English or Spanish — while saving valuable staff time.
Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Customer-driven automation

Powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Let’s Talk Assistant uses customer input to continue learning and improving while answering FAQs.
70% of inbound inquiries are repeat questions. Chatbots can reliably and accurately answer 80% of them.
Support multilingual families

Ahora en Español

Now with Spanish-language capabilities, Let’s Talk Assistant allows for seamless toggling between languages — providing every family with access to crucial information.
Let's Talk Assistant chatbot conversation in Spanish
Ensure stakeholders get answers

Live agent availability

When inquiries are too nuanced for the chatbot, stakeholders can turn to a live agent — a staff member who can offer the necessary support. K12 Insight uses nationwide data to determine the best times to staff your live agent, plus tips and tricks for managing the feature.