Let’s Talk Customer Service Platform

Streamline internal and external communications, inform strategic planning and interventions, break down department silos and improve customer service with your constituents.

The only all-in-one, enterprise-wide customer service and intelligence platform built for education

Simplify communications districtwide a unified inbox that streamlines internal and external communications — helping you listen to community feedback and respond quickly to incoming questions.
Unified inbox to streamline inbound communications
Real-time dashboard with predictive analytics that reveals trends and needs
Automated workflows to help eliminate repetitive tasks and room for error
Translation tools to help you provide equitable access to information
AI-powered chatbot to provide always-on customer service — in Spanish and English
Critical Alerts to help you identify issues before they escalate to a crisis
SIS integration to help you deliver more personalized customer service
Response templates to help staff provide consistent responses faster
Campaign manager for sending outbound communications districtwide

Customer service is vital for building partnerships, increasing parent satisfaction, and keeping families in K-12 public school districts.


Give every stakeholder a voice

Let’s Talk gives school communities an accessible way to ask questions, report concerns, and provide feedback 24-7 from any device — regardless of their preferred method of communication or level of technology access.

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Make decisions with real-time data

The Let’s Talk dashboard — powered by artificial intelligence — provides real-time data and predictive analytics to show you key metrics and insights, including trending issues, district response times, and customer satisfaction.

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Collaborate for faster, more effective communication

Easy collaboration in education across teams and departments in real-time to deliver a single, timely response to your district’s stakeholders via any channel (email, web, phone, text message, or social media).

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Open dialogue from parent on Let's Talk


Escalate concerning conversations

All it takes is one crisis to change everything. Set critical alerts to automatically flag and escalate troubling conversations — such as bullying or safety concerns.

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Joe Gothard, Superintendent of St. Paul Public Schools

“K12 Insight has been a solution for us to manage our inflow and ensure that inquiries coming into the district are going to the right people and senders are getting a professional, timely and effective response.”

Start delivering superior customer service in your school district

K12 Insight — a leading innovator of customer intelligence solutions for schools — helps you improve customer service and stakeholder engagement using a powerful customer experience platform and chatbot, research, and professional development.