The only AI-powered, all-in-one, district-wide customer service and intelligence platform built for education.​

Streamline internal and external communications, inform strategic planning and interventions, break down department silos, and improve customer service with your community and internal staff.

Build trust, facilitate effective communication, and provide superior customer service with the Let's Talk customer service and workflow software platform.

Let’s Talk has the features you need to gain the trust and confidence of stakeholders, leading to greater satisfaction with your district. With our included Let’s Talk Assistant — the only generative AI-powered chatbot built for K-12 — you can deliver instant, accurate, and friendly answers powered by your district’s data while having all conversations logged within Let’s Talk for total visibility. Districts can leverage Let’s Talk to support their community and internal staff, all in one tool.


Unified inbox

Shows all inbound conversations by individual submitter to streamline inbound communications and increase visibility for teams


Real-time dashboard

with powerful data and insights that reveal trends and needs through Cx scores, community voice word clouds, and comparison reports to measure and improve customer service


Automated workflows

to seamlessly route dialogues based on topics or keywords to the correct department or person eliminating repetitive tasks and reducing errors


Translation tools

to help you provide equitable access to information in 13+ languages


Generative AI-powered chatbot

provides fast, accurate, and friendly customer service in multiple languages – for use internally and externally

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Critical Alerts

Critical Alerts

to help you identify issues and alert the right team, before they escalate to a crisis


SIS and SSO integrations

to help you deliver more secure, personalized customer service and a seamless user experience


Response templates

and generative AI-powered dialogue replies to help staff provide consistent responses faster


Campaign manager

for sending outbound communications districtwide

Form builder​

Form builder

Build limitless custom forms to capture the information you need for any type of workflow. Customize the layout and display as needed on your website

Resource center​

Resource center

House all of the information to empower Let’s Talk Assistant, your staff, and community in one location — including documents, landing pages, standard FAQs and more

Inbound channels​

Basic Telephony

Let’s Talk includes Basic Telephony features including email, text, phone (live call and voicemail) to capture inbound questions and comments — up to 10 lines

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Advanced landing pages​

Advanced landing pages

Customize and build landing pages to fit your district’s needs and house links to your Let’s Talk forms, Knowledge Base or Let’s Talk Assistant

Live agent​

Live agent

Provide a live chat agent on your website to provide quick support when the chatbot doesn’t have the right information.


Call center

Power your call center staff with advanced routing of calls and a robust dashboard and reporting for supervisors

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Internal and external

Use the platform both for internal customer service and external customer service. No need for multiple tools

Systems integrations

Systems integrations

Integrate other communication or ticketing systems to get a full snapshot of conversations in your district and community — from parent/teacher communications to IT ticketing platforms and more

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The power is in the platform...

Let’s Talk is a comprehensive platform powered by generative AI features with everything you need to deliver superior customer service in your district. Customer interactions and analytics are captured in a centralized location for visibility, reporting, and metrics. Chats are auto-cataloged and can be logged for the individual customer — ensuring you capture customer interactions in one location. Let’s Talk Assistant delivers fast, accurate, and friendly responses that elevate the customer experience for your district.

Improve community engagement

Let’s Talk gives school communities an accessible way to ask questions, report concerns, and provide feedback 24-7 from any device or channel, including forms, text messages, phone calls, chatbot, and more. — regardless of their level of technology access.

Reduce redundancies and improve collaboration with generative AI-powered customer service

Simplify communications and take repetitive tasks — like answering commonly asked questions — off your team’s plate by automating customer service with Let’s Talk’s generative AI-powered chatbot and AI-powered dialogue replies. Easily collaborate across teams and departments through a unified inbox and automated workflows.

Make decisions with real-time data, powered by AI

The Let’s Talk dashboard — powered by artificial intelligence — provides real-time data to show you key metrics and insights, including trending issues, district response times, and customer satisfaction.

Collaborate for faster,
more effective communication

Easy collaboration across teams and departments in real-time to deliver a single, timely response to your district’s stakeholders via any channel (email, chatbot, web, phone, text message). No more worrying about if someone returned a phone call or email — you can see it all in Let’s Talk.

Escalate concerning conversations

All it takes is one crisis to change everything. Set critical alerts to automatically flag and escalate troubling conversations — such as bullying or safety concerns.

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