K-12 Customer Service Solutions

Our solutions have helped hundreds of school districts across the nation deliver superior customer service, make data-driven decisions, and understand their communities.

Take customer service from a bullet point on your strategic plan to a core value districtwide.

Now more than ever, parents have choices — and high expectations — for their child’s K-12 education. In today’s competitive education environment, adopting a customer service mindset is critical. To attract new families and keep current families enrolled and satisfied, school districts need to deliver superior customer service in addition to an excellent education.Join the hundreds of school and district administrators around the country who are making customer service a top priority in their strategic plans.


Equip frontline staff

From the interactions with bus drivers to front office staff, every touchpoint is an opportunity to provide superior customer service.


Provide a unified inbox

Streamline inbound communications so every inquiry — including phone calls, emails, and social media messages — is delivered to one inbox and routed the appropriate person.


Offer real-time support

Stay competitive with generative AI chatbot support and provide immediate interaction with internal and external customers.


Form builder

Build limitless custom forms to capture the information you need for any type of workflow. Customize the layout and display as needed on your website


Resource center

House all of the information to empower Let’s Talk Assistant, your staff, and community in one location — including documents, landing pages, standard FAQs and more


Inbound channels

Let’s Talk includes email, text, phone (live call and voicemail) to capture inbound questions and comments — up to 10 lines

Keeping your data secure…

We take a comprehensive approach to keeping the information of every district partner safe. We have the industry’s top data privacy certification ISO 27001, plus SOC 2 and SOC3. Learn more about the security measures we have in place to keep your data safe and protected.

"K12 Insight has been a solution for us to manage our inflow and ensure that inquiries coming into the district are going to the right people and senders are getting a professional, timely and effective response."

Joe Gothard, Superintendent of St. Paul Public Schools

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K12 Insight Offers a Comprehensive Suite of K-12 School District Communication Solutions

Enable your district to deliver superior communication and customer service to your school community.

For Superintendents

Provide superior customer service in your district.Learn more about how we help Superintendents >

For Communications Leaders

Create one source of truth in your district.Learn more about how we help Communications leaders >

For IT Leaders

Revolutionize IT ticketing and improve communications in your district.Learn more about how we help IT leaders >

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Let’s Talk Customer Service Platform

Streamline internal and external communications, inform strategic planning and interventions, break down department silos and improve customer service with your constituents.

Learn more about Let’s Talk

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Managed Research

K12 Insight provides the expertise and tools to help school districts collect feedback and analyze data that identifies gaps and opportunities impacting the school environment.

Learn more about Managed Research

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Engage Surveys

Engage is a DIY, cloud-based survey solution built for K-12 school districts — helping school leaders build, administer, and analyze community surveys to build trust, encourage collaborative decision-making, and improve school climate.

Learn more about Engage Surveys

Professional Development

K12 Insight offers expert-led, interactive virtual and in-person workshops to help to uplevel customer service skills in school districts.

Learn more about Professional Development

Today’s school districts face many challenges.

Keeping quality customer service at the forefront of your school’s priorities can positively impact parents’ decisions to keep their children enrolled. These are several of the key challenges we’ve been helping more than 400 school districts across the nation solve for over a decade.

Bonds, Levies, & Rezoning

Ensure a successful bond proposal by building trust.Learn more about Bonds, Levies, & Rezoning >

Communication Complexity

Automate parent communication for teachers & districts.Learn more about Communication Complexity

Community Engagement

Strengthen community connections across your district.Learn more about Community Engagement >

Data Breaches & Security

Ensure your district’s stakeholders stay safe and secure.Learn more about Data Breaches & Security >

School Choice

Retain students through customer service.Learn more about School Choice >

School Safety & Bullying

Ensure your students and staff feel safe.Learn more about School Safety & Bullying >

Employee Engagement & Retention

Retain your school staff through intentional engagement.Learn more about Employee Engagement & Retention >

Enrollment & Student Attrition

Reduce student attrition through superior customer service.Learn more about Enrollment & Student Attrition >

Equity & Multilingual Families

Increase access to support and services with equitable school communication plan.Learn more about Equity & Multilingual Families >


“Let’s Talk helps facilitate efficient communication and effective engagement — upholding our commitment to better collaboration and transparency, internally and externally.”