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Give students and parents a voice in

school safety.

To be safe, students and parents have to feel safe,

physically and emotionally.

School Safety &

To be safe, students and parents have to feel safe,

physically and emotionally.

Empower students and parents to speak up with K12 Insight — and show them that you’re listening.


See something? Say something.

Let’s Talk! gives students and parents
a voice in school safety.

Make students and parents part of the solution

Unlock the power of student and parent voice. Provide a safe, simple way
to report potential school safety issues (like bullying or guns in school), from anywhere, 24/7.

Show the community that you’re listening

Build trust by easily listening and promptly responding to every student or community school safety concern.

Go deep to improve school safety and behavior

Combine real-time community feedback with school district surveys
to measure school climate, improve school safety, and boost student social-emotional health.

See how K12 Insight partners with Klein ISD to improve school safety.

When students feel safe learning skyrockets

Eliminate distractions

Help students feel safe in school — so, they can focus on learning.

Build trust

Show students that you care by being on call when they need you.

Change your culture

Make school safety part of your daily routine. Monitor social media and receive ‘Critical Alerts.’

When school safety is a priority, students and schools always perform better.


During the 2017-18 school year,
K-12 schools reported


Threats and incidents
of violence


Increase in violent incidents

Source: Educator’s School Safety Network

find out why
Testimonial Quote

Klein ISD, Texas

“With the Let’s Talk! app, we’re able to provide almost instantaneous feedback, or at least very timely feedback, to our students, parents and staff. That’s part of making sure people feel safe as well as ensuring they are safe.”

David Kimberly
Police Chief
Klein ISD, Texas

It comes down to relationships.

Give students and parents a voice — and improve school safety.

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