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School Board Constituent Relations

Keep your campaign promises

Invite feedback and listen to voter concerns

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The Challenge

School board members represent the best interests of parents and families. To do this effectively, they have to keep their promises. That means listening to their constituents.

The Opportunity

With the right solution, school board members can invite feedback, entertain new ideas, understand community needs and priorities, communicate controversial decisions and defend their positions.

How K12Insight can help

K12 Insight

At K12 Insight, community engagement is what we do. School board members use our technology to give their community a voice in school governance, while fostering the broad-based support and goodwill that’s needed to win in November.

  • Give the public an easy way to reach you with comments or concerns, 24/7
  • Poll voters to see where they stand on key issues ahead of meetings
  • Easily communicate district policies and build support for new programs
  • Improve collaboration between the school board and district leadership
  • Consistently share progress toward key district goals

Take it from some of our school partners

Michael Nagler,Superintendent

 Mineola Public Schools, NY

“Our partnership with K12 Insight has led to better outcomes for our students and community.”

Michael Nagler,
Superintendent, Mineola
Public Schools, NY

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Keep your promise to listen to voters

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