The Comprehensive Back-to-School Guidebook for K-12 Superintendents

Get your guidebook with five simple steps to executing a customer-centric back-to-school plan that has helped school districts nationwide improve perceptions and answer questions quickly in an era of sky-high customer expectations.

Superintendents today are facing issues from teacher shortages and changing demographics to unfinished learning concerns and budget constraints — all while being asked to foster strong community relationships and ensure student safety. 


This guidebook provides a comprehensive, five-part blueprint to help you successfully navigate the back-to-school season.


You’ll learn:

Plus, see how successful superintendents from around the country — including the 2024 AASA Superintendent of the Year, Dr. Joe Gothard — have structured their district operations to ensure a personalized, customer-centric K-12 experience.

Get the proven back-to-school strategy used by superintendents nationwide