customer service report beyond retention

National Report on Customer Service in Schools | Spring 2024

Beyond Retention: How to Position Your School District as the Best Place to Work, Grow, and Thrive

Every spring marks the beginning of the K-12 hiring cycle. It is a critical task for districts to get right given that fostering an environment of student achievement and success is driven largely by a district’s ability to hire and retain high-quality teachers.

But with more turnover than ever before, it’s essential for school districts to provide a work environment where educators want to grow, thrive, and stay. Teachers and staff want to be cared for, recognized for their contributions, and receive the support they need to succeed in their roles.

Over the last decade, K12 Insight has administered over 100 employee engagement surveys, collecting over 150,000 survey responses. Drawing on this expertise and experience researching employee engagement nationwide, K12 Insight’s Spring 2024 National Report on Customer Service uncovers strategies and actions K-12 administrators can take to measure and improve employee engagement in an effort to slow the rate of staff turnover. Download the report to learn:

Equipped with the right tools, insights, and strategies, K-12 administrators can strengthen employee engagement during the hiring season and sustain it throughout the year — a journey poised not only to retain valued staff, but also to improve school climate and, ultimately, student achievement.